Hydrojetting: Clean Your Drains and Pipes With Less Effort and Better Results

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One of the most common things a plumber deals with is a drain clog, and though several ways exist to clear the drain, one way will clear the drain and clean the inside of the pipe out at the same time. Hydrojetting uses high-pressure water to clear the drain and has some benefits over mechanical devices.

The Problem

The pipes that carry waste out of your home have many different things flowing through them. These things include minerals, metals, hair, soap residue, dirt from the bathtub and shower, and the waste from the toilet. All of these go from your drain line to the sewer system.

Over time, residue and minerals build up on the walls of the pipe, eventually blocking the pipe completely. Keeping this drain line clean can help avoid blockages and keep the drain working correctly.

The Solution

Hydrojetting can clear your drain line but also has the added benefit of cleaning the line at the same time. When done by a professional who understands how to do it right, this is easier on the plumbing than putting a power auger or snake into the drain and leaves the drain pipe in better condition.

The Hydrojet Process

Hydrojetting starts below the blockage in the drain. The most common access point to use it is at the cleanout near the bottom of the drain line in the home. Because the drain line uses gravity to move the water through the system, the cleanout is typically in the line just above where it connects to the city system.

Inserting a high-pressure hose into the clean out, the plumber will work up the line to the blockage. The pressure from the hose can be as much as 5000 pounds per square inch and will blast the dirt and other material off the walls of the pipe along the way. Because the system uses clean water to remove the debris, it can run down the drain and out of the system without any special treatment.

Blockage Removal

Once the hose reaches the blockage in the pipe, the plumber will use the high-pressure water to break up the blockage and wash it all down the line to the sewer system. While the high-pressure hose is still in the drain line, the plumber can continue up the line, cleaning the entire length of it before removing the hose from the drain line.

The Cost of Hydrojetting

Hydrojetting is not inexpensive, but it is one of the most effective ways to clean your drain line. On average, the process can cost between 300 and 600 dollars. Remember, this is not just removing a blockage. Hydrojetting cleans the entire line and reduces the chance of a blockage in the future.

Hydrojetting and Septic Systems

Cleaning the drain lines in a home with a septic system can sometimes be a concern. You cannot use chemicals in the system to clean the line because the chemicals can damage the environment inside the septic tank. Hydrojetting is a good option because no chemicals are involved in the process.

Water removes the scale and cleans the system, and the debris from inside the pipe won’t damage the septic system. If you have a septic system on your property and want to clean the drain line, talk with your plumber about hydrojetting as an option.

At Two Men and a Snake, Inc., we offer hydrojetting and drain cleaning services that help to clear drain lines with blockages, as well as for preventative maintenance. Give us a call to get more information or to set up and appointment for drain cleaning today.

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