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If you have ever been thru a Nebraska winter you’ve probably taken the necessary precautions to keep your pipes flowing during these next few months. If you haven’t unfortunately plumbing emergencies can have you in a panic. The most common plumbing emergency in the Omaha Metro Area during these fridgid months are frozen water lines. In many cases before you even realize there is a problem our plumbing has already been damaged.  Now is a great time to prepare your homes plumbing supply. A few minutes today and you can save yourself the nightmare of a flooded home!!

Warning – Warning!! Never use a torch of any kind to thaw a frozen line! You can damage the pipe by thawing to quickly, causing the lines to split. But most importantly you can start your home on fire. Many times frozen lines are in between the exterior wall and the interior drywall. This area is very small and tight, there is also insulation in these places. The insulation typically runs up the wall to the attic area. One spark of a flame and fire can spread throughout your home in a matter of seconds..


Here are some tips to prevent a frozen plumbing pipe.

Tip 1: Heat tape is a very inexpensive remedy to prevent a very expensive problem.

Tip 2: Turn on your faucets and let them flow. Just a small stream will do. If water is moving, it cant freeze.

Tip 3: Leave cabinets open to expose plumbing to heat. Just a few degrees difference and having constant air flow, can make a huge difference.

Here are some tips if you your plumbing pipes are frozen.

Step 1: Even though no water will be flowing, turn your faucets connected to the frozen plumbing pipes on. This will allow the pressure to relieve itself, room for expansion and contraction and help prevent the line from splitting when it begins to thaw.

Step 2: One of the most common items used to thaw your frozen pipes is a blow dryer. Other items that help to thaw are a  heat lamp, or a space heater. These items will heat the frozen pipe in a safe, slow manner. You do not want to thaw the line to quickly,this can result in the lines splitting. Take your time. You can do it!

Step 3: Leave it to the professionals at Two Men And A Snake Inc,. Our staff is specially trained in resolving these issues in a safe cost effective manner. We have special equipment that is designed to connect to your frozen water lines and send a current thru them. Thus, saving your pipes while thawing them in a safe, quick manner.

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