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Two Men and a Snake, Inc. understand that not all plumbing problems are easy and simple to fix. Sometimes more is required to get to the pipe that is causing issues or even to install new pipes. This might require that excavation is needed to gain access to your underground or outdoor pipes. Two Men and a Snake, Inc. are expert, efficient, and speedy at getting this accomplished with the least amount of mess.

Some reasons that we might need to excavate is mostly to do with inaccessible pipes. Pipes were built when your home was under construction and covered up by dirt and grass. However, that doesn’t stop these underground pipes from having problems. Whether it is a clogged pipe or a leak in the pipe, these issues can cause flooding, bad smells, and complete water stoppage.

Sometimes these pipes need to be replaced, rerouted, or sometimes a whole new set of pipes need to be installed. When this happens, count on Two Men and a Snake, Inc. to get the job done. We have done many excavations and as a result, know how to reach your pipes with a minimum of digging, trenching, and overall mess. We also know how to quickly and efficiently get the job done. Although everything does depend on the size and nature of the job, we can typically guesstimate as how to long the project will last so you can quickly plan around this project. We always do our best not to hinder or prohibit access to the home.

So if you need a new set of pipes or just need to look at a pipe that is causing issues, contact Two Men and a Snake, Inc. With our long history and experience, we are guaranteed to helping you get your life back to normal as quick as possible. We are your premier plumbing excavators in Omaha, NE.

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