Customer Reviews

Ann Queen

Needed work done on a Sunday – excellent service fast response and very reasonably priced! Brian was very professional and took care of the problem is leas than 1 hour! Very satisfied with the work done and will highly recommend this company to everyone!

Kathleen C

Prompt & courteous. I highly recommend!

Brenda Copeland

Excellent service, fast response time, and competitive pricing.

Matt Reinsch

Ray and Brian really helped me out with a leak in one of my water lines. They found the leak and didn’t need any parts to repair. Fantastic work and I will recommend this company to everybody.

Jeff Hicks

I needed tree roots augured out of a main sewer line. These guys were prompt, courteous, professional and reasonably priced. I’m very satisfied. Thank you.

Seth Kirshman

These guys are the best. Honesty is hard to find in the plumbing business. I haven’t used anyone else since finding them at my home or business. P.S.Burton plumbing is crooked as hell.

David Dultmeier

I was told to replace sewer pipe by other company’s. I wanted another est. So I called 2 men and a snake. They came out with their jet pump hose kit and got the pipe cleaned out. So I didn’t have to replace my sewer pipe(which was 3500k), just had it jetted out for 1/4 the cost. I did run some rootx down the pipe afterwards and will do again in 6 months. The tree is dead and cut down. I will have the pipe looked at again in a year. I feel with the tree dead, cleaned out, and rootx I can save the money for something else. The jet cleaning at this time is highly recommend by me. Thanks

Steve Danon

My drains were overflowing in my basement at 11 pm. Jake came out and took care of the problem. He was courteous, professional and prompt. Thanks for clearing our pipes….. recommend him to anyone!

Greg Schuerman

fast, friendly, and professional.

Kishia Montalvo

Your company is great. Very professional, and you saved me a lot of time & money!! Your workers are polite and made sure my issues were taken care of! Thanks so much for making showering better!

Kip Oetter

Good company I’ve been using for years both at my home and my business. Being an owner operator of a restaurant you need a good reliable plumber, day or night they take care of us.

On one occasion we did have a problem, that was reoccurring. 2 men&snake acknowledged that they had overlooked it and made it right as well as gave me a credit. The only reason I even said anything about this is because things happen to the best of the best, people make mistakes but how it is handled is what separates good customer service from bad.

Michelle Fenton

Definitely my go to plumbers for life! They came on time, were very honest with us about our problem and the price was more than fair. 100% recommend them for all plumbing needs! Cannot say it enough, they are awesome!

Felicia Thornton

I was very pleased with the service provided. The worker Bart was very informative and professional. And the call was made this morning with service being provided within two hours. Very pleased was giving good information to prevent further problems. Will recommend and affordable.


Ty Henderson

I will be calling these folks for future plumbing needs. Fast, courteous, and I think fair.

They didn’t appear to be wanting to up sell me on services that I didn’t need, or gouging me because I was in a bad way. I hate that!

They seemed most interested in fixing the problem and moving on to help someone else.

The way it should be.

Frances Woods

Update: I changed this to five stars from one star because of the service once a technician came out. I’d choose this company again, but probably try calling if nobody showed or called after an hour. Two hours with no contact from them is a bad sign.

I waited two hours and nobody showed up for the scheduled visit, and nobody answered the office phone either. Waste of my time.

Hunter Bockman

I have had these guys out several times, and they are great. Fantastic service! A+

Mark McLaughlin

Frustrated with other “big-namers” in the business, I called someone local and I was not disappointed. They came the day after I called and I happened to be at work. My wife was there and the guy who came treated her with respect and answered her questions. He went above and beyond what we expected and fixed our problem, actually taking our toilet off instead of going through it to fix the clog, ultimately finding another problem as well. I highly recommend them based on customer service and ability. 5 stars!

Wylie Osborne

We had a hose bib burst and flooded part of our basement, after calling numerous omaha plumbers that claimed to be 24/7 or emergency and only getting voice mails two men and a snake answered. They were at our house within 1 1/2 hours (only because the plumber was on another call). They were kind courteous and fixed our problem in no time. The pricing was extremely reasonable, and I didn’t feel like I got gouged for an emergency call, even though that is what I was prepared for. Being in the construction industry myself, it makes me feel good that their are others out there acting in good faith. Thanks Kris for your hard work!

Jim Lewis

I live in an apartment complex and experienced problems with my kitchen sink drain. Upon reporting the problem to the building owner, they requested immediate service from “Two Men and a Snake.”

Within two hours of reporting the issue, a service man from Two Men and a Snake named Michael came by and repaired the problems within an hour. Mike was extremely professional in every measure. He was knowledgeable, polite, and extremely proficient.

The worker completed his tasks, cleaned up after himself, and showed much concern about the problem. I would recommend “Two Men and a Snake” to anyone needing drain cleaning assistance. I am grateful for Mike’s service and hope that anyone needing similar assistance would call on the company for help.

Melissa Frazell

These guys are the best! They cleaned out our main sewer line. The gentleman who came out was really nice, and did a great job, fast. They also charge a reasonable rate. I have finally found my go to guys when it comes to plumbing issues.

Anthony G

Nic arrived on-time.

Was very professional and courteous.

Put down towels to make sure the black splatter did not go everywhere when cleaning a drain.

Cleared clog under a hour. Charge was very reasonable and under what I usually pay.

Nic cleaned the area with his own disinfectant and everything was back to normal.

Would definitely do business again! Thanks!

James Vogel

The finalised work performed was beyond all expectation , Would rehire them in an instant . Chris and Joe are very professional in their field !. 5 star rating !

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