6 Typical Causes of Inadequate Hot Water in the House

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Inadequate hot water in the house is annoying and signals an underlying problem with the plumbing or heating system. Below are six major causes of inadequate hot water.

1. Water Supply Problems

Your water heater won’t have adequate water to heat if something interrupts the supply to your house. Here are some of the issues that can interfere with your water supply:

  • Problems with the utility company
  • Infrastructure problem, such as construction damage on the supply lines
  • Maladjustment of the main shut-off valve just outside your home
  • Leaks or blockages (for example, due to corrosion) of your supply water pipes

In this case, every water appliance in the house will lack adequate water.

2. Sediment Buildup

Minerals in your water settle at the bottom of the hot water tank every time you use the heater. With time, the minerals accumulate and reduce your hot water supply in two main ways. First, the sediments insulate the heater and cause inefficient heating. Secondly, the minerals can block the water lines. Sediment buildup only affects hot water systems in the house.

3. Clogging

Clogging in any part of the hot water system can lead to inadequate hot water. Supply points, such as faucets and showerheads, are common points of clogging. Some hot water systems have inlet and outlet filters, which can also clog and reduce hot water availability. In this case, only the affected appliances or supply points will suffer inadequate hot water.

4. Heater Malfunction

Anything that affects the operation or efficiency of your water heater will lead to inadequate hot water – in this case, throughout the house. The water heater might not give you adequate water if:

  • It doesn’t have the energy to heat the water — an example is an electric heater with a tripped breaker.
  • You have not adjusted the water temperature correctly.
  • The water tank leaks.
  • The water shut-off valve is stuck or partially closed.
  • The heating element is broken.

Water heater malfunctions are numerous — the above are just a few examples. A heater malfunction will reduce hot water supply throughout the house.

5. Improper Sizing

If the water heater is not the right size for your house, then it won’t give you adequate hot water even without a malfunction. Even if the plumber installed the right water heater for your house, you could still experience sizing problems if:

Your household has increased in size — for example, from four to seven members.

You change your water-usage habits and consume more hot water than before.

You install additional appliances, such as washing machines, which use hot water.

Anything that substantially increases your use of hot water means your current system is undersized for your house. Improper sizing will reduce hot water availability throughout the house.

6. Piping Problems
Lastly, damages in hot water pipes can also affect your hot water supply. Here are a few examples of such piping problems:

  • Pipe leakages due to corrosion-related pitting
  • Accidental pipe damage, for example, during renovation
  • Use of improperly sized pipes, for example, during DIY plumbing repairs
  • Bent or crushed water pipes that reduce water flow

In short, any piping problem that leaks hot water or constricts the hot water pipes will reduce the flow of hot water. The problem will only affect the appliances or taps that the damaged pipes serve.

As you can see, numerous problems can lead to inadequate hot water in your house. Luckily, Two Men and a Snake, Inc., can diagnose and solve any hot water issues you might have. Whether you need to install a new heating system or repair your current system, we are up to the task. Contact us today, and we will gladly assist you.

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