6 Subtle Signs of Piping Problems

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When your bathroom floor is covered in water or your kitchen sink doesn’t let anything out, you’ll easily guess that something is wrong with your plumbing system. Other signs are more subtle, but if you can catch them before they get too much worse, you’ll save yourself time and money, not to mention sparing your pipes from further damage. Look for these signals to prevent plumbing problems down the road.

1.Mineral Buildup

Have you ever seen discoloration around the opening of your faucet? A buildup of minerals will cause that, both on the inside and outside of the fixture. If left alone, the minerals could cause permanent damage from rot or breakage. Wash it regularly and use appropriate cleaners, but if the buildup continues or your faucet is older, you might need to call for a replacement.

If you see that same discoloration on your pipes, something along the line is probably leaking. Address the problem as soon as possible; if you leave a leak to drip because you don’t think it’s significant, you could cause much worse leaks and breakage in the future. You’ll save money and time, not to mention hassle for your plumber, if you call in an expert before the pipes get too much worse.

2.Lesser Pressure

A mineral buildup at any point on the line can cause a clog, which will lower your water pressure in the affected area. If most or all of your faucets have running water that’s weaker than it should be, the problem probably isn’t the faucets — this is likely a leak at the water main, heater, or supply line. Any of those can cause your water pressure to drop, so calling a plumber is the safest option.

3.Slow Drains

Drains get clogged effortlessly, but the work to unclog them is quite the opposite. If you have a sink or tub that doesn’t let water out at a reasonable pace, your first step should be to clean what you can reach. If that doesn’t remove your clog, it could be further down the line, or you could have interference from a tree root or a break somewhere in your sewers.

4.High Bills

One of your first warning signs may be as subtle as a high water bill. Depending on the service you get, you’ll probably have steep bills some months and low bills at other times, but a sudden jump could indicate a problematic change in your system. A constantly running toilet or a small leak in the pipes will assuredly spike your water payments, while a broken heater will raise your energy costs significantly.

5.Sewage Smells

Each of your drains will likely have a trap, and each trap will likely have a vent. These two pieces work to keep the odors from your used water away from the inside of your house. If your trap dries out or your vent lines clog or crack, you could start to smell the sewer inside your home. Besides the distasteful smell, the fumes can be potentially detrimental to your health, so call a professional to track down the problem.

6.Icy Blockage

If your area suffers from chilly winters, your pipes will need maintenance in the cold months to keep them from freezing over. Any ice in the line can plug up the water flow, which will keep you from getting any water out of the attached faucet. If your pipes do freeze over, you’ll need to call an expert who can handle the situation with extreme care and, hopefully, prevent it from freezing again.

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