5 Plumbing-Savvy Suggestions That May Save You Money

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Two Men And A Snake - onsite blog photo - Fix Water Leaks and Drips Whether you want to avoid expensive repairs or simply wish to lower your monthly utility bills, your home’s plumbing system is a good place to start. Consider a few measures you can take that could save you money. Anything from installing a new water heater or showerhead to inspecting your home for leaks can be a wise move. Here are a few suggestions you might want to consider.

1. Replace Your Outdated Water Heater Before It Breaks Down

Is your water heater more than a decade old? If so, you probably need to consider an upgrade. Don’t wait until the water heater begins to leak. If you are unsure if your water heater needs to be replaced, consult a plumber.

Your plumber might suggest installing a tankless water heater, which may be more efficient for your home. Because tankless models only use hot water as needed, unlike the constant heating a water heater with a tank does, you may find yourself saving on utility bills in the long run.

If you do decide to purchase a new water heater, have it professionally installed to avoid mistakes. Your experienced plumber can do the job right and suggest tips that may help you be more energy efficient in the future.

2. Fix Those Leaks and Drips

Wasted water is not only bad for the environment, but it could also be wasting your money as well. Have a plumber come to your home and check the source of your dripping faucets or leaking toilets. Don’t put off having your faulty system repaired, as doing so could cost you more in the long run with rising utility bills, mold growth, or damage to your property due to a leak.

In addition to your faucets and toilets, check your washing machine hose for damage that could cause a leak. Check the plumbing underneath your bathroom and kitchen sink. Also, check your refrigerator for leaks. Even small leaks can cause problems over time.

3. Locate Your Home’s Main Water Shut-Off Valve

It is very important to know the location of your home’s main water shut-off valve. In the event of an emergency, such as major leaks or a flood, every second counts. Shutting off the main water supply can help you avert a crisis and save money during an emergency.

In addition, you might want to inquire about installing a water shut-off valve for every major appliance in your home for more customized control. Ask your plumber for advice.

4. Install a Low-Flow Shower Head

Have you ever considered that you could be pouring your hard earned cash down the drain every time you take a shower? A low-flow showerhead may be an ideal solution in lowering utility bills. If you want to save up to a couple of hundred dollars per year, ask your plumber about the benefits of the modern, high-efficiency low-flow showerheads.

The low-flow showerheads use modern technology such as air pressure chambers that reduce the flow of water when the shower is being used. If you are unsure of what to look for, your plumbing expert can help.

5. Stop Greasing Your Drains

When you clean your dishes, are you pouring cooking grease down your drain? Fats, oils, and grease should never be poured down your drain. Even if you use hot water during the process, you could still create problems. Grease can cause the pipes to become clogged that creates the need for professional repair.

You can avert disasters and save money with these tips. In some cases, plumbing emergencies cannot be avoided. If you find yourself experiencing serious plumbing issues, don’t go it alone. Contact a professional who can get to the source of the problem and find an effective solution.

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