4 Ways Hydro Jetting Benefits Your Home’s Plumbing

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If drain clogs are a frequent problem in your home, you may need something more powerful than traditional drain cleaning. This is where hydro jetting comes in. Hydro jetting is a method that plumbers use to clean and remove clogs throughout your entire home’s plumbing system. Discover a few benefits that hydro jetting can provide in your home.

Remove Stubborn Debris

One of the primary reasons that plumbing clogs become a recurring problem is stubborn debris that becomes caked on the interior walls of your pipes. This creates a snowball effect as grime inside your pipes captures more dirt and waste that flows through them. You can’t completely remove all the buildup in your pipes with a drain snake or even chemical drain cleaners.

Hydro jetting forces water through your home’s plumbing at high pressure to remove all traces of residue inside the pipes. Hydro jetting is even powerful enough to remove solid obstructions, such as tree roots that have breached pipes underground. Hydro jetting deep cleans your home’s plumbing and allows for longer periods of clog-free use between cleanings.

Avoid Harm to the Environment

Much of the environmental impact of drain and pipe cleaning comes from toxic chemicals that are sometimes used. Hydro jetting is a great choice for eco-conscious homeowners since no chemicals are involved in the process. Hydro jetting simply uses highly pressurized water, so you have no chance of toxic chemicals leeching into the ground.

Chemical drain cleaners are not just bad for the environment. Many chemical cleaners will gradually wear away plumbing pipes with frequent use. While hydro jetting uses high water pressure that can remove any obstructions in your pipes, it will not damage them if your plumbing system is in good condition and an experienced professional performs the process.

Eliminate Drain Odors

For many homeowners, the most off-putting symptom of plumbing clogs is a foul odor from the drains in their home. Drain odor is often the result of a blockage in the P-trap beneath the drain that allows bacteria to thrive. The blockage may also be deeper in the pipe beyond the P-trap. Bacteria feeds on soil and waste residue that builds up around the blockage and forms a biofilm that emits the unpleasant odor.

In other cases, drain odor could be from sewer gas escaping through your drains. Normally, the P-trap contains water at all time to block sewer gases from reaching the drains. Hydro jetting can remove blockages in every part of your plumbing so that your home is protected from unpleasant and potentially harmful drain odors.

Inspect the Health of Your Plumbing

A secondary benefit of hydro jetting is that it lets you and your plumber get a good look at the overall health of your plumbing. Before the plumper performs hydro jetting, they need to inspect your plumbing with a video camera extension. This lets your plumber check for leaks and weakened sections in your pipes that may not be able to handle the force of hydro jetting.

This close inspection before hydro jetting gives homeowners the opportunity to identify and resolve other issues that may be present in their plumbing. This way, you can be sure you have no leaks or other hidden problems that waste water and cause your water bill to increase.

Hydro jetting restores the water flow in your home’s plumbing to a degree that is not possible with traditional drain cleaning methods. Keep these advantages of hydro jetting in mind, and call Two Men And A Snake if stubborn plumbing clogs are a problem in your home. We look forward to helping you.

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